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Latest employment survey list the career of healthcare jobs is one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. The increasing demand for healthcare jobs is due to several factors such as the early discharge of patients from acute care facilities, individuals living longer, and the availability of home health aides with a higher level of skill to perform more routine and complex tasks.

To improve your chances of passing the state exam the first time, we will prepare you in a personalized clinical setting with hands-on training! We also provide one to one academic and skilled coaching.
Skilled reviews are performed throughout the training program.
Refresher courses will be offered before the state exam is administered.                                                                                          


  • Roles and Responsibilities of Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Basic Nursing Care
  • Communication Skill
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Reading and Reporting Vital Signs
  • Basic Infection Control Procedures
  • Basic Elements of Body Functions
  • Maintenance of Clean and Safe Environment
  • IV Care
  • Recognizing Emergencies
  • Safe Transfer Techniques
  • Range of Motion and Positioning
  • Nutrition and Fluid Intake
  • Cultural Differences in Families
  • Bed Making and Comfort Measures
  • Respecting Privacy and Client’s Rights
  • Admission, Transfers & Discharges
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Training
  • Basic Life Support/CPR
  • Death & Dying
  • Understanding Behavior and Psychosocial Is- sues
  • Human Growth and Development


Course Materials with Sample Tests
Information on Georgia State Guidelines for C.N.A
Mandatory Education Requirements

Assistance with Exam Application— Computer Available
Review and Familiarize with Georgia Rules and Regulations
Hand-On 22 Clinical Skills on Areas
Covered by the Test
Competency Evaluation

Clinical Skill Practicum 24hrs, in a long-term care setting
Enhance your Job Hunting Skills

Assist with Transitioning to Health Care En- vironment
Experienced RN Instructors Unlimited Classroom Access Testing Site
One on One Academic and Skill Coaching Small Class Size

If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It!!!
You can successfully become a Certified Nursing Assistant through the Collaborative Health Care C.N.A. Program.

Seniors are the fastest growing population group in the country. As people live longer, more of them will develop injuries and chronic medical conditions that will affect their senior years.